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Damaged products and refund policy

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Hello everyone,

I sent one of my glass product in fragile package and packaged safely. But some of my customer wanted to return it because it was damaged. I already sold 20 pieces and i havent faced problem like this. There is some suspisios situations.

1. Customer told firstly that products are late and i want to return but i informed him to i will send it 5-20 business days.

2. THen he told that item isnt like described one but it is the same and i have pictured them in professional way

3. Last time he said it was damaged and he wanted to return. 

As i said in my previous post, i am new on Allegro and the language is problem for me. Can you inform me about refun policy?

P.S - I am learning polish 

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#16 Inspirator#
You have to learn to sell on Allegro. Such situations - and other problems are standard on Allegro. I bought warranty seals - where I can stick them. I know that I sold the goods.
There may be problems with translation - translated by google translate.
Rozumiem, że są ludzie, którzy za 20 gr. będą gnać pchłę przez 20km, lecz nie potrafię ich zrozumieć.
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#9 Pomysłodawca#

Yes, thank you for your answer. Do you know procedures in this situations and how to prevent them to happen? 

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