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Dostałem wiadomość e-mail z informacją, że przesyłam ponownie. Ale nie wiem jak to zrobić. Mam wiele atrybutów produktu. Kiedy scalę, pojawi się link, który jest dokładnie taki sam, jak określony atrybut. Czy to się liczy jako duplikat aukcji?
I got an email saying I'm reposting. But I don't know how to do it. I have a lot of product attributes. When I merge, there will be a link that is exactly the same as a certain attribute. Will this count as a duplicate listing?


We have ended your offers because they violated our rules. You can find the details below.

You cannot list more than two offers related to the same item with the "New" condition parameter within the same subcategory, regardless of the number of accounts you have.

Listing the same product in a single category affects the transparency of the search results, which has an impact on the purchase decisions made by customers. If customers spend too much time searching for a product, they are more likely to decide not to buy the item.

Do not list these types of offers in the future if you do not meet the above conditions.

Additional information:
Help Center
Allegro Terms and Conditions

The offers in question:
Further violation of rules may result in your account being suspended.

We have refunded the listing fees for the ended offers in proportion to the time they were visible on Allegro.

You can preview expired offers when you sign in to your account. However, your clients will be redirected to active offers with the same product.

To contact us, please use the contact form. Please do not select the "Reply" option (we will not get your message this way)

Best regards,
The Allegro Team

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