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Return product

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I would like to return the product that I purchased. I received the label to post that product back, but, the DPD point is not able to recognize the label or the **piiip** and I am not able to send it back still. Need help here.

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Hi @Client:100956722! Sorry for the late reply I'm happy to help. The cost of returning a purchase is included in the delivery cost but you may not be able to send it in the same place you picked it up from. If you are asking about the Allegro Kurier DPD you can dispatch it in a Poczta Polska post office (with the exception of Postal Agencies) or DPD Pickup Point. Here you have an article about it, but if you will have any trouble with that, please let me know which order you are trying to return I will help you with more detailed information 🙂 



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