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How to use INPOST?

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When we use INPOST

Let us give two examples

(1).Weight 650G Size: 25.00*17.00*8.00

(2).Weight 960G Size: 23.00*13.00*6.00


(Official size of inpost: A: 8*38*64
B: 19*38*64

1. Should we choose A size or B size?

2. If we choose size B and the actual package is A, do we need to charge other fees?
how much does it cost?

3 If the weight we fill in is 960G, assuming that it is only 930g when shipped, do we need to charge extra?
how much does it cost?

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#9 Pomysłodawca#

1. A size will do for both packages, but if you're not sure it'll fit or if it has some bulge go size bigger.
2. As far as I know there are no additional fees for choosing bigger size. There is if you choose smaller and it doesn't fit.
3. I don't really understand the question. Could you please elaborate?

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Hi @NarzrIe
1. The package must fit to the box in the parcel locker so the A ones are quite thin so make sure that you will be available to fit it there. 
2. Yes there is an additional fee for choosing wrong size both ways also from larger to smaller. It is 3,68 zł. You will find more information about additional fees here
3.  If I understand you question correctly that you will put larger number than actual one in the weight area by 30g I don't think that there will be an additional fee, but to be honest I don't get why would you put different number there if you know the correct one. 


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